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General Sessions - Marquis Johns - Leading, Keeping, and Engaging Millennials

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Before receiving God’s call to ministry, Marquis D. Johns was living without hope. He had dropped out of school, spent time in jail, and even dabbled in the occult. In 2002, through the power of prayer and the ministry of a friend, Johns accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and committed himself to literature evangelism and Bible work. He graduated from the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism and also earned a Bachelor of Science in Church Leadership from Oakwood University. In addition to his pastoral duties at Metropolitan, Pastor Johns serves on the NAD’s Young Adult Advisory Committee and hosts Dare to Dream/3ABN television network’s “The New Journey,” a program that chronicles the lives of people who have abandoned destructive behaviors and are now on a new journey with Christ. Pastor Johns’ love for ministry is fueled by his life motto — “memento mori” — remember you must die.


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