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Dry Bones and Fossil Trackways - Geology Research from a Biblical Perspective

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This documentary examines the geological and fossil record through the eyes of Creationist scientists Dr. Leonard Brand, of Loma Linda University and Dr. Arthur Chadwick of Southwestern Adventist University. Brand and Chadwick started examining the geologic record more than forty years ago, and over the decades, they’ve covered thousands of miles and spent immeasurable hours in geologic research, seeking to understand their observations through the lenses of both the scientific method and the Bible. For those of us who subscribe to a Biblical worldview, tremendous upheavals and torrential waters have formed the earth in mere thousands of years of breakneck geological changes. For others, the earth’s history moves with a speed more akin to that of a turtle – slow and steady. While there may have been moments of uproar, for the most part rivers, streams, desert winds, and ocean waves have made their gradual mark over hundreds of millions of years. How can the evidence be interpreted in two such dramatically different ways? Do these mountains tell the story of thousands of years, or five hundred million? Most scientists insist that the longer time scale is the only one that fits the facts, but many Bible-believing scientists disagree. Understanding how they justify their beliefs, however, takes a closer look at the evidence.


2 years ago
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A survey of three topics relating to geology and paleontology with evidence of a marine formed Coconino sandstone being the best. For those living on the east coast, some of the best trackways are found at the Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill, CT.

2 years ago
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It is very exciting to see science and Christianity working so well together.

2 years ago
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