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Welcoming Visitors to Your Church

Course Summary

The purpose of this course is to give pastors and members the skills and intentionality they need when handling visitors to their local church.

What will I learn in this course?

By the end of this course you will develop a vision of visitor care for your church, develop a team of greeters, understand some roadblocks to visitors feeling comfortable in your church, and understand some methods of making visitors feel more comfortable in your church.

About the Instructor

A native of Connecticut, USA, Pastor Finley serves as Assistant to the President of the General Conference, appointed at the 2010 General Conference Session in Atlanta. Prior to this he became a vice president at the 2005 General Conference Session in St. Louis, after serving nearly two years as general field secretary at the world headquarters, directing the Center for Global Evangelism. As assistant to the president he continues to work with evangelism and television as his primary portfolio. Karen Lewis has been involved in ministry since 1999. She has developed a relational approach to sharing Christ with others through the “Lifting up Jesus,” lessons. This is a relational and Christ centered set of 30 Bible lessons, which she authored and is published through Color Press. In addition she has written a series of lessons for children ages 7-11 years that is called, “Lifting up Jesus for Kids”. She shows how a Christ-centered and discipleship approach to Bible study draws and wins people friends and family to Christ. After being with Rocky Mountain Conference for well over a decade, Karen is currently with the Minnesota conference where she continues to conduct training workshops in lay evangelism. Just recently she is excited to be pastoring two churches in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Her greatest passion is to encourage small churches for growth as well as seeing people’s lives transformed by the message of grace in the righteousness of Christ. She and her retired husband Steve, have two grown daughters and a five-year-old grandson.


Weoi Siong
a day ago
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Useful information for ushers and church leaders

8 days ago
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I am an AFCOE graduate. So I’ve studied this before. But it’s been seven years. It was a great refresher!

11 days ago
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6 months ago
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Thoroughly appreciated the section by Derek Morris and Mark Findley - professionally presented with specific suggestions re methodology in developing inclusive, welcoming church. The first presentation was lenghty and although some helpful suggestions it ... Read More

6 months ago
star star star star star

Very enlightening!

Adventist Learning Community
0.2 CEU
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