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The Living Leadership Model - Bill Santos

Course Summary

The purpose of The Living Leadership Model 2-hour mini-course is to examine how you can be an effective leader in your church.

What do I need to know?

After completing the learning activities and taking a short multiple-choice quiz, you’ll earn 0.1 continuing education units (CEU) and a training certificate in your Adventist Learning Community ePortfolio.

What will I learn in this course?

This model accomplishes two things; it gives you the skills to get a task completed properly - and within an acceptable timeframe, and is a tool for developing individuals so that next time that task has to be performed they are further along on the ability and motivation scale.

About the Instructor

Bill Santos is Speaker/CEO of Lessons For Living Seminars and the Pastor of the Harmony Seventh-day Adventist Church in Toronto, Canada. Prior to this assignment Bill spent 10 years as the Speaker/Executive Director of It Is Written Canada. Before coming into full-time ministry Bill spent 20 years as a management consultant specializing in the unique consulting skills of assisting management to build systems to increase organizational efficiencies. Bill is married to Fatima, they have two children, Joshua and Rebecca and currently live in Oshawa, Ontario.


2 months ago
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9 months ago
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I found a few of the questions confusing, even after re-watching the videos.

3 years ago
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David Siguelnitzky - You have to enroll in the course first! Then it is easy to navigate the course. You simply read the information on the page, then watch the video, then hit the work NEXT! Pay attention and learn better computer skills.

3 years ago
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I have a problem: I saw first video... however, what do I do now? How do I know what is step 2 (and that is assuming that step 1 is watching the video)? Lack of structure, in my humble opinion.

4 years ago
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It would be helpful to state upfront how many modules or videos there are and at the end of the final module to clearly state this is the completion of the course. I could identify only 6 videos. It's not clear if credit is accrued via a final quiz

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