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Teaching Online in Higher Education

Course Summary

Teaching Online in Higher Education provides a short 10-hour overview to various aspects of teaching online, including interaction, quality, designing your course to be uniquely Adventist, and more. Each of the 10 modules includes three short videos, short readings, and interactive assignments. Additional resources are included at the end of each module, including suggested readings and assignments that can be used to expand the course into a full academic course. The resources and content in this course are freely available for you to use for your own learning and teaching.

What will I learn in this course?

You will gain a basic understanding of online education and it's place within Adventist education. You will learn about different modes of online delivery, how to deliver a quality experience, and how to design content, assessments, and human interaction. You will end the course with strategies and best practices to use in your online teaching. After completing this course, you will earn 1.0 CEU and a certificate of completion in your Adventist Learning Community e-portfolio.


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