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Strategic Planning for the Mission-driven Church - Paul Brantley

Course Summary

This course is a Pastor’s Guide to Organizational Excellence.

What do I need to know?

Every great accomplishment in human history, both sacred and secular, has been driven by an audacious mission and a strategy for accomplishing it. Ellen White cites Nehemiah as someone whose planning was as important as his prayers in successfully building Jerusalem’s walls. Success in the work of God today depends largely upon the ability and willingness to plan well. This course is designed to accompany two resources: Becoming a Mission Driven Church (Pacific Press, 2015) and an accompanying Leaders Guide for Pastors. The mission-driven approach involves five steps based upon inspired writings and research. Each step is comprised of two or three habits—concrete practices that characterize highly effective congregations. This course introduces the participant to ways of planning strategically that lead to missional excellence. Few church leaders are skilled in planning and assessment according to recently conducted research by the NAD Ministerial department. This course does not assume any prior knowledge of the planning process. What is needed, however, is a willingness to learn, collaborate, and be led by the Spirit of God in some new and exciting ways. “To fail to plan,” as the saying goes, “Is to plan to fail.” The accomplishment of mission is enhanced by adequate preparation.

What will I learn in this course?

This course introduces the participants to how to lead out in planning strategy for the local congregation. It uses a “learning by doing” approach by exposing participants to scores of free, downloadable online resources that can be used "as is” or modified as desired. Moreover, this course provides a basic introduction to more focused preparation in strategic planning at local conferences, seminaries, and through private consultation.

About the Instructor

Paul S. Brantley is lead author of the book Becoming a Mission-driven Church. In preparing the Mission-driven approach he was assisted by more than a dozen practicing pastors representing the great variety of churches large and small across the NAD. Dr. Brantley received his Ph.D. in organizational development from the Ohio State University and worked in higher education and health care administration before taking positions both at the General Conference and the North American Division as Vice-president for Strategic Planning, Research, and Assessment. He consults—as time allows--for organizations of all sizes and types in the NAD and beyond.


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Very good, would recommend to all church leaders. Practical, helpful, and to the point, a valuable use of time!

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Highly recommended to all pastors in leading out the church its vision and mission!

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