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Adventist Learning Community
0.2 CEU

Social Media 101

Course Summary

• This is an online course by Jamie Schnieder. The purpose of this course is to inform and equip staff for communicating our missions and message on social media; elevating the basic level of competency.

What do I need to know?

• After watching the videos, completing course learning materials and activities, and taking short multiple choice quizzes, you’ll earn 0.2 continuing education units [CEU] and a training certificate in social media for your Adventist Learning Community ePortfolio.

What will I learn in this course?

• In this course you will learn some of the best techniques to utilize social media in general, as well as utilization of specific social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Etc.

About the Instructor

Jamie Jean spent 4 years as the Digital Marketing Manager for the Baltimore Symphony and 5 years as the Digital Marketing Strategist for the Smithsonian Associates. She is currently the Digital Strategies Project Manager for the Social Media and Big Data department at the NAD.She has over 9 years experience implementing digital strategies for various ministries in the church. She is excited to continue to use her skills for God’s work.


20 days ago
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Excellent information in easily digestible components. I look forward to your other courses. Thank you!

2 months ago
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This is very informative. Praise God!

François Evariste
2 months ago
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Good ! thx for all !!

3 months ago
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Great Course, Learning the theory is great. Much of the content I already know as an average social media user myself. However, if there can be more indepth information about search engine optimization, how to get your church noticed online. First searche... Read More

4 months ago
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This course if very good. Like any course that uses a lot of statistics it can become outdated, esp. in fast changing areas like Social media. The principles remain the same, even if usage patterns vary slightly. Well structured and valuable info.

NAD Ministerial
0.2 CEU
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Self-paced course