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5.0 CEU

Reach the World Next Door

Course Summary

Migration has moved people from everywhere to everywhere. We have colleagues who are Indian immigrants. We go to school with Muslims from Saudi Arabia. Refugees pour into our cities from Burma, Somalia, and Syria. 

This course helps you join God's strategic end-time mission by learning how to intelligibly and lovingly care for refugees, immigrants, and international students. The training prepares you to share your faith tactfully and confidently with Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and others. It provides a wholistic approach to the discipleship of people from other cultures with a view to multiplication within unreached people groups.

What do I need to know?

The Reach the World Next Door course provides experiential learning by combining videos from individuals involved in cross-cultural ministry with discovery and discussion questions and weekly in-field activities. The training can be accomplished in 13 sessions (For more information click HERE) plus the time for activities and additional learning assignments. You will earn 5 continuing education credits (CEU) and a training certificate qualifying you to facilitate others in the same course. You can do this training by yourself but it will provide greater mutual discipleship and impact if done as a small group. This course is excellent for beginners wanting to learn how to meet, befriend, and reach people of other cultures, but will further equip those who have experience already.

What will I learn in this course?

You will be able to appreciate the experiences and cultural differences of people from other religions and ethnicities. You will gain experience in effectively helping refugees and international students. The course will help you become proficient at using a four-step method for sharing any Bible truth with someone from various religious backgrounds. The small group focus will enable you to facilitate a Discovery Group for those who are not Christians. You will grow in your relationship with God as you learn to better disciple a new believer from another culture.

Besides the workbook and video segments there are two booklets to assist personal growth. Praying for the World Next Door helps you know and understand unreached people groups living nearby My Favorite Missionary, explores lessons from Jesus’ cross-cultural encounters.

How Can I Gain the Most from This Course?

The Reach the World Next Door training is most effective when done as a small group. This provides the nurture and accountability that helps students accomplish the assignments. They learn from each other’s experiences and become a team with synergy that can do more than they could individually. When members meet together 13 times using the format that is built into these lessons, they learn the small group principles necessary for later hosting an evangelistic small group for non-Christians. 

Before you enroll by yourself here, consider doing the training with a colleague or experiencing it with your family. Think about leading it for your youth group or Pathfinder club. Choose to go through it with your Bible study or prayer meeting group. 

If you would like to do this training with others and are willing to lead a Cohort (even as you learn yourself), please contact Pastor Scott Griswold. Enroll by giving him your name, address, phone number, and local church. Tell him whether you would prefer to run this Cohort online or offline. To train offline, you will be sent PDFs of the materials which you can print and information on how to order hard copies if you prefer. To train online, you will be given access for you and your team members to view everything online and to have the other team members share their assignments directly with you for increased accountability and effectiveness.

Visit for videos that you can share to help you gather friends and church members to join you. 

About the Instructor

Scott Griswold mobilizes and trains church members to serve and evangelize the least-reached groups in North America and Southeast Asia. He serves as a pastor in the Houston, Texas metro area. He and his wife Julie helped pioneer the church in Cambodia with Adventist Frontier Missions. They have four children, all born in Asia. Scott was the director of the Global Mission Center for East Asian Religions for ten years, developing evangelistic resources and strategizing for new ministries among Buddhists. He also was the Associate Director for ASAP Ministries, a non-profit organization serving the unreached, the persecuted, and the poor.


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5.0 CEU
Instructor-guided course
Evangelism Core Quality