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0.5 CEU

Principles of Retirement

Course Summary

The purpose of the Principles of Retirement course, is to help employees with NAD Church employment careers to understand the importance of a prudent retirement plan. Participants will  experience the unique Adventist Retirement Plan approach to providing for a modest sustainable standard of living in the Retirement years. This course will cover the three main arenas of Adventist Retirement, including the pre-2000 pension plan, the current defined contribution plan and a healthcare supplemental plan. The content for this course has been developed over the past twenty years by Del Johnson, Administrator of the Plans from 1999 until his retirement at the end of 2016 along with colleagues, Raymond Jimenez, Lyn Wick, Lisa Turpen, Beth Roberts and Edwin Romero. Johnson has been offering half-day seminars in various Union and Conference territories on this subject.

What do I need to know?

The purpose of this course is to provide information about the North American Division Retirement Plans. The course is primarily targeted at those who are within 10 years of retirement, although younger employees will certainly find valuable concepts in understanding long-term financial wellness. This course is worth 0.5 CEUs.

What will I learn in this course?

You will understand the decisions you will need to make as you approach and apply for retirement income.

About the Instructor

Del Johnson earned undergraduate degrees in Theology and Business administration from Southern Adventist University and a master's in Health Administration from Loma Linda University. He spent 17 years as a missionary in Asia in treasury and healthcare. He administered denominational retirement plans covering the countries of the Far Eastern Division, and upon returning to the United States, served in the NAD Retirement Plan for 21 years. After 41 years of denominational service, Del retired to Eugene, Oregon, where he enjoys spending time with his family and three cats. He continues to be employed on a part-time basis by the NAD Retirement Plan. He and his wife Andee have two grown sons and four grandchildren.


2 years ago
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Very helpful material. The mechanics of going through the course are a little cumbersome, but once you figure them out you can make it work.

2 years ago
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Overall rating 4. Quizzes at end were a bit confusing, it would be nice if correct answers were provided for wrong answers.

2 years ago
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Very helpful

0.5 CEU
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Self-paced course