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0.2 CEU

Principles of Interpersonal Success: Connectedness and Relationships

Course Summary

Have you ever wondered why productivity in the workplace, school, and church can sometimes breakdown? Most of these breakdowns don’t have as much to do with professional competency as they do with interpersonal conflicts and misunderstandings.

As unique individuals we each bring with us our unique personality, family dynamics, insecurities, and perspectives.  Throw it all together, in any context, and there can be challenges that may make goal achievement difficult.  In this course we will examine ways that can help us understand ourselves better, and in the process, help understand where other people are coming from and reduce tension while increasing productivity!

What do I need to know?

After completing this training course, you will earn 0.2 CEUs and a certificate of completion in your Adventist Learning Community e-portfolio.

What will I learn in this course?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Learn the value of introspection; understanding your own biases, paradigms, insecurities, and personality
  • Find less defensive ways to deal with people that may overreact, underperform, lash out, or that you find generally difficult to work with
  • Increase effective communication between you and your colleagues so that time spent on task can be more efficient and productive

NOTE: It will be important for you to have a journal to use throughout this course.  You may want to write down pertinent things as you go however especially during the “learning activities/reflection” sections you will want to write down your responses to the questions and statements.  This journaling process will be a helpful tool as you put down in words the things you are processing.

About the Instructor

Jeremy Hall graduated from Andrews University in 1998 with a bachelor’s in psychology and a minor in Religion. He continued his education and in 2000 finished a master’s degree in Community Counseling with an emphasis in adult therapies. Although entering the educational field directly after completing his graduate studies as a boy’s dean, he has continued his Michigan State licensure as a limited licensed psychologist for 20 years and is a member of the American Counseling Association. Jeremy did his internship at the Andrews University Counseling and Testing Center and also provided therapeutic services to students while serving as Chaplain at Great Lakes Adventist Academy. Although he holds North American Division teacher certification, Jeremy has found his training as a therapist to be invaluable in the work of education and especially in administration. While serving as an academy dean, chaplain, principal, associate superintendent, and now superintendent of education, he has utilized his training to process and work through many challenges that have many times been related to interpersonal issues. Jeremy says, “I have found, in the administrative field throughout my career, that many of the issues I deal with do not have much to do with professional competency or educational pedagogy. Rather, most of the time it has to do with interpersonal breakdown and miscommunication.

Jeremy is blessed to be married to his beautiful wife Donna (Andrews University BS, Nursing), whom he met in first grade at an Adventist School. He and Donna have four children, Olivia, Sofia, Maia, and Josiah. Jeremy and his family enjoy sharing music together often. He also enjoys nature, different cultures and history as well as cooking in the kitchen. He believes that Jesus is coming soon and counts it a privilege to support Adventist teachers in the work of bringing young people to Christ.


2 months ago
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The information is valuable... My life was changed following my education in DISC personality theory, and I think every person who aspires to teach should at least go through the material...

Hildha Bakulu
4 months ago
star star star star star_border

Praise God! He is leading me to this material to make me know better how to manage myself in resolving from the many problem in my lives

5 months ago
star star star star star

This is a very interesting topic that helps me understand those people around me.

MG Billy
5 months ago
star star star star star

Good and clear method of coaching. I also like the review session in lecture 5. God bless you and I look forward to more lectures. Billy Selintung, East Indonesia

0.2 CEU
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