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1.0 CEU

Pastors and Church Schools

Course Summary

The purpose of this course is to help pastors to understand the potential evangelistic and discipling impact a vibrant church school ministry can have on the local church and community.

What do I need to know?

After watching the videos, completing course learning materials, completing the learning activities, and taking short multiple choice quizzes, you’ll earn 1 CEU continuing education units (CEU) and a training certificate.

What will I learn in this course?

Have a better understanding of the history, philosophy and current condition of Adventist education
Understand how your church school can provide effective opportunities for you to disciple children and their extended families.
Understand how your church school can become a center for community evangelism

About the Instructor

Scott R. Ward is a 28-year youth ministry veteran currently serving as Assistant Professor of Discipleship and Religious Education at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University. He completed his DMin in Discipleship and Biblical Spirituality in 2014. Dr Ward is passionate about reviving Adventist education by helping Adventist schools to become vibrant centers for God. Wherever he has worked as a pastor the concepts of collaborative ministry have led to more spirit-filled and active schools and churches that work more closely together for the kingdom.

Dr Ward’s first book, Authentic: Where true, life-changing Christianity begins, was released by the R&H Publishing Association 2012 and shows how the key to fulfilling the gospel commission is a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus.


2 years ago
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Thanks, as a pastor of a church that has their own school, I am glad to have this added view of our schools being such a wonderful aspect of evangelism.

1.0 CEU
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