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1.0 CEU

Gr. 3-4 Three Angels Curriculum Training

Course Summary

This course prepares teachers to deliver the grades 3-4 integrated unit that is part of the North American Division  curriculum.

Three Angels for Kids has been created to strongly ground Seventh-day Adventist PreK-12 students in the Revelation 14 message of a God of love about to intervene for humanity. 

The ultimate goal is to draw students into a loving relationship with Jesus. The core philosophy is one of righteousness by faith and trust in the One who provided the ultimate sacrifice for us. This leads to a natural response of courage and conviction to stand up for beliefs in the midst of pressure and chaos.

Within this grace-filled context,  this training provides teachers with an understanding of how to deliver integrated instruction in Bible and literacy  as encompassed in the Three Angels for Kids grades 3-4 unit. 

What do I need to know?

The Three Angels for Kids curriculum is available for purchase at www.Three Teachers' guides and slides may be downloaded for free. By completing this course, teachers will earn 1.0 CEU's.

What will I learn in this course?

By the completion of this course you will have:

  • Re-examined your background knowledge and feelings regarding the three angels’ messages and embraced the love of God as the basis of Revelation’s warnings
  • Become knowledgeable in the broad principles underlying the three angels' messages of Revelation 14
  • Developed an understanding of the foundation laid for this unit in the preceding grades (PreK-2)
  • Gained an appreciation of the developmentally-appropriate approach embedded in this unit for teaching the three angels' messages to third and fourth graders
  • Gained a clear understanding of the materials needed to teach the unit
  • Decided on a plan of action for procuring program components
  • Become familiar with the NAD standards addressed in the unit
  • Generated ideas for combining subjects to create an integrated block to schedule the instruction
  • Gained an overview of the varied parts of the program
  • Become familiar with the three versions of the anchor text Beth and the Trio of Angels and decided on a method for placing students in the appropriate reading level
  • Created a schedule for implementing small groups as part of the overall instruction of the Three Angels for Kids unit
  • Learned how to use the Reading Strategy Tool to teach “slow motion” and “action” reading strategies
  • Become aware of our small group lesson plans to provide instruction to ability-based groups while others work on their assigned activities
  • Gained an understanding of how to plan and provided targeted instruction by tracking student miscues with the Reading Behaviors Log
  • Developed an appreciation of the value of the student journal as a significant part of small group work
  • Gained an understanding of the two-pronged approach to handling content in the third and fourth grade whole group lessons
  • Become familiar with the literacy topics covered in the whole group instruction
  • Reinforced your understanding of the developmentally-appropriate approach to delivering content on the three angels’ messages to third and fourth graders

About the Instructor

Sandra Doran, Ed.D. has enjoyed working as an educator and writer within the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the larger community for more than thirty years. She is the author of seven books, hundreds of articles, and served as columnist for the Adventist Review, Signs of the Times, and ParentTalk magazines.

Within the educational arena, she has taught on every level from pre-school through college, held top administrative roles in four schools, and worked as Associate Superintendent of Education for the Florida Conference for 15 years. Most recently, she served as founding head of North Tampa Christian Academy, creating an innovative environment for project-based learning.

Doran holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Atlantic Union College, a master’s degree in religion and communication from Andrews University and a doctorate in special education from Boston University. She currently serves as Curriculum and Creative Director of Three Angels for Kids.


3 months ago
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I really enjoyed this training. This was a well though out and planned curriculum that is up to date with the teaching approach while keeping the content Christ Centered.

1.0 CEU
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