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How to Engage Students Online: Increase Participation and Improve Discussions

Course Summary

This webinar is sponsored by Collaborize Classroom.Collaborize Classroom is a free learning platform that is designed to complement, not replace, classroom instruction, and engage students in online activities, assignments and discussions that will teach them valuable technology skills and online communication - a practice that will benefit them throughout their careers.This webinar will support you in adopting a blended learning model that combines the best of both worlds: the benefits of in-class instruction with the flexibility of online discussions.We will explore strategies for establishing and maintaining a safe space in private, online communities to facilitate successful and sustainable conversations that include all students.You'll learn how to:*Establish a safe space online characterized by respect and support.*Foster relationship building.*Design quality questions that will drive interesting, rich, complex conversations that positively impact in-class interactions.*Incorporate multimedia to bring best resources from the Internet into your private online discussion platform.*Facilitate student driven projects to enable true asynchronous collaboration online.*Weave online conversations back into the classroom to increase the value of the work done online.


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0.1 CEU
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