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Health Principles - Light for Living

Course Summary

This course examines wholistic health principles. It explores Blue Zones, general principles of wholistic health, and a uniquely Seventh-day Adventist perspective, including a Biblical and Spirit of Prophecy approach, complimented by current best practices, scientific global research, and content presentation from respected healthcare professionals. The content in this course will help you maximize your health well beyond diet and exercise, and provide a framework for living, teaching, and ministering to others. This course will provide information to help you become your very best self; and arm you with information necessary to support optimal health in others.

What do I need to know?

The course is based on the beautiful book by Ellen G. White called The Ministry of Healing. It is our hope that through the chapter readings, you find a closer walk with Jesus Christ and experience your best life through Him. You will need to purchase or download the book. Available sites for acquiring this required text are presented in module 0. Chapter readings will be complimented with various videos to enrich your learning experience. Module quizzes may include all module content, required readings, and all downloadable or media items. In addition, you will be required to read several chapters in the books The Desire of Ages and Christ’s Object Lessons, both by Ellen G. White. Sites for online reading, downloading, or purchase are provided. This course is worth 2 CEU and meets the ‘Health Principles – Light for Living’ course requirement for Adventist teacher certification.

What will I learn in this course?

You will learn wholistic health principles, how to trust in God, the value of nature, fresh air, and sunshine, and the importance of exercise and daily water intake. You will be reminded of the gift of the Sabbath, and the importance of rest and reflection. The value of modesty in dress and adornment will be discussed, and proper hygiene will be presented. You will learn Biblical diet principles for optimum health and discuss the devasting impact of substance abuse. This course will also cover illness and natural healing remedies. Lastly, you will be presented with content about mental health, relationships, forgiveness, and service to others. Modules include: 0 – Welcome/Course Information 1 - The Adventist Health/Lifestyle Message 2 – Trust in God 3 – Nature; Fresh Air & Sunshine 4 - Sabbath, Rest, & Reflection 5 – Diet 6 – Exercise 7 – Water 8 – Mental Health 9 – Health Relationship & Forgiveness 10 – Hygiene 11 – Dress & Modesty 12 – Prayers for the Sick/Use of Remedies 13 – Abstinence & Substance Abuse 14 – Self-Improvement, Development, & Service


12 days ago
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I appreciated the modules and the quizzes. They were very insightful. I especially found the youtube videos to be very applicable to what I was learning. I appreciated the variety of information that I was provided in the learning process.

7 months ago
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Good overall. My only complaint is that I dislike questions that are framed in a way as to trip the learner up. As a fellow educator, I recommend that we all know better than that and do better than that, even at higher levels of education.

a year ago
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2.0 CEU
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