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0.4 CEU

Course 2 of 5, Understanding and Implementing Fundraising: Essential Principles and Practical Applications

Course Summary

In today’s demanding environment, which presents financial challenges for churches and their organizations, church leaders (whether pastors or lay leaders) must utilize up-to-date strategies and base their efforts on research and experience-based knowledge to guide them. These five courses focus on understanding the current best practices in fundraising for pastors, churches, and their organizations and projects. The content is based on solid principles that are Biblically based and reflect today’s requirements for success. This series is presented by Philanthropic Service for Institutions (PSI), a service of the North American Division, and while designed for pastors and churches, many other audiences can benefit from its content.

What do I need to know?

This course provides training on the most significant and foundational principles on which competent and successful fundraising is based. You will receive CEU credit and a certificate for completing each of the five courses.


Antonee Leo
6 months ago
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North American Division
0.4 CEU
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