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2.0 CEU

Coaching Distinctively Adventist Sports

Course Summary

This course will cover PRINCIPLES to help the individual coach and the leaders at the school establish and clarify the mission and purpose for their interschool sports program (providing a firm foundation), and equip them to intentionally put those values into practice with their sports teams.

What do I need to know?

As of the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, this course is a requirement of the North American Division Office of Education (NADOE) for all employed and volunteer coaches participating in interscholastic sports associated with an Adventist school. Completion certificates should be sent to Conference Education Superintendents. This course is worth 2.0 CEUs.

What will I learn in this course?

You will learn the overarching values that provide a distinctively Adventist sports program in Adventist schools. These include: 

  • Christ-centered Theological Truths (the ‘Why’); 
  • Biblically-based Philosophical Principles (the “When? Where? and “with Whom?”);
  • Strategically relevant, efficiently effective Methodological Models (the “What?”); 
  • The value of reflective thought (and others’ insights) to review the Alignment of your values and your actions.

About the Instructor

Dr. Robert K. Thomas is a professor at La Sierra University in the Health & Exercise Science department. He previously taught at Atlantic Union College for 13 years where he also coached their NAIA volleyball team and was recognized as the NAIA District V “Coach of the Year.” He has served in a variety of leadership positions including president of the Western Society for Kinesiology & Wellness, chair of La Sierra University’s Faculty Senate, and executive director for the SDA Health, Physical Education, & Recreation Association. Dr. Thomas has established two lines of research: 1) Fitness-based research including fitness and academic performance; the effects of repetition speed on strength development; and fitness levels of students in high schools and college (and as Principal Investigator for the national PhysicalGenesis fitness study); and 2) history and philosophy of SDA physical education. Dr. Thomas has given scholarly presentations for several organizations including the Western Society for Kinesiology & Wellness; the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance; the 2nd International Congress for Physical Education at the Adventist University of Sao Paulo, Brazil; and the Seventh-day Adventist Health, Physical Education, Recreation Association. He has also presented at other events such as the Health & Fitness Symposium at Andrews University; the Summer Institute for Brain Learning at La Sierra University; and at the NAD K-12 Teacher Conventions in Nashville and Chicago. Dr. Thomas been recognized in several ways: receiving the “Distinguished Faculty Service Award” at LSU; Anees Haddad “Excellence in Faculty Governance” award at LSU; “Faculty of the Year” award for Service-Learning at LSU; Dr. G. Arthur Broten “Young Scholars” award at the Western Society for Kinesiology & Wellness; Who’s Who among America’s Teachers (4 times); the Zapara “Excellence in Teaching” award while at Atlantic Union College; and NAIA District V “Coach of the Year” for volleyball. Dr. Thomas enjoys working out, watching Golden Eagle home games (especially volleyball), and researching his family history.

Course Contributors:
- Alex Adams – Madison Academy, TN – Physical Education teacher
- Steve Adams – Primacy Collegiate Academy, Taiwan – Principal
- Leslie Aragon – Orangewood Adventist Academy – Athletic Director
- Lucio Camacho – Loma Linda Academy, CA – Athletic Director
- Matt Cantrell – Sacramento Adventist Academy, CA –Athletic Director
- Daanan Foster – Spring Valley Academy, OH
- Kristine Fuentes – Madison Academy, TN – Principal
- Rob Gettys – Ozark Adventist Academy, AR
- Frank Jones – Forest Lake Academy, FL – Principal
- Kyle Kay – Fraser Valley Academy, BC
- Matt Lee – PUC Preparatory School, CA
- Randy Lonto – Ruth Murdoch Elementary, MI
- Stacy Nelson – VitalSmarts, CA
- Nestor Osorio – Forest Lake Academy, FL
- Bob Paulson – Pacific Union College, CA – Professor
- Tamara Ritterskamp – Forest Lake Academy, FL
- Rob Thomas – La Sierra University, CA – Professor
- Datha Tickner – Loma Linda Academy, CA – Principal
- Keith Waters – North Pacific Union Conf. Director for Secondary Education, WA
- Vashon Williams – Oakwood University, AL – Assistant Professor
- Doug Zimmerman – Escondido Adventist Academy, CA

“Principles for Experiencing Sabbath” Contributors:
- John Brunt – former WWU Academic Vice-President
- Marlene Ferreras – La Sierra Divinity School
- Oliver Glanz – Andrews University Seminary
- Vaughn Nelson – La Sierra University Church
- David Sciarabba – Andrews University Seminary
- Zane Yi – Loma Linda School of Religion


2 months ago
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This course was very thorough and has expanded my ability to coach and also broaden my knowledge in regard to the Seventh Day Adventist Religion.

4 months ago
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I liked the videos, the had some very pertinent information. A lot of the quiz questions didn't seem to pertain to information that was important to my job. 100% accuracty on some of those quizzes was brutal.

5 months ago
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9 months ago
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Quizzes killed any positive information on this course. The course is not built for coaches (volunteer or paid), there is minimal information that is relevant to actual coaching - no "How to" or "this is what I do at my school in this situation"

a year ago
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2.0 CEU
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