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0.3 CEU

Bridge to Elementary: Adventist Encounter Curriculum

Course Summary

The Bridge to Elementary Encounter course reviews the goals and purpose of the Encounter Adventist Curriculum as well as the eight phases of the Transformational Planning Framework. You will explore Biblical concepts and use the classroom context to help students build lifelong relationships with Christ, using the Bible as the source of truth. As you progress through this course, you will review the instructional practices, differentiation strategies and assessment strategies used in the Elementary Encounter Curriculum.

What do I need to know?

PLEASE NOTE:  This course is for teachers transitioning from Secondary Encounter (grades 9-12) to Elementary Encounter (grades 1-8).  Please enroll in this course ONLY if you have previous Secondary Encounter Curriculum Training.   If you are teaching grades 1-8 and need Elementary Encounter training, please enroll in  Elementary Encounter Adventist Curriculum online course.

After completing this training course, you will earn 0.3 CEUs and a certificate of completion in your Adventist Learning Community e-portfolio.

What will I learn in this course?

By the end of this course you will be able to: Understand the key ingredients of a spiritual growing environment. Identify pedagogical strategies that contribute to a classroom culture of thinking and learning. Understand the Transformational Planning Framework as a transformational teaching tool in the teaching of Bible. Incorporate thinking routines into Bible class in order to maximize mental engagement and authentic spiritual learning. Understand the importance of both content and process in teaching Bible. Understand and interpret the elements featured in a teaching unit. Describe how an understanding of biblical discipleship can inform a contemporary understanding of what it means to be a disciple. Become familiar with a range of strategies for differentiating the Adventist Encounter curriculum. Apply differentiation strategies in a single or multi-grade classroom in order to promote student growth. Understand some of the relevant issues that impact assessment in the Adventist Encounter Curriculum.

About the Instructor

Lanelle has invested her working career in the ministry of Adventist Education, having taught at both Elementary and Academy levels in Adventist schools in Australia and serving as the Assistant Director of Adventist Education in the New Zealand Pacific Union for eight years prior to returning to Australia in 2010. She also spent ten years developing a Pathfinder curriculum for the Youth Department of the South Pacific Division. Lanelle has a Master’s degree in Religious Education and has for the past 11 years delighted in the process of dreaming up, then helping to create the Encounter Bible Curriculum for schools in Australia and New Zealand. Her roles have included the development of the curriculum framework, creative directing, writing, editing, and managing all those little processes in-between. One of her greatest pleasures is having opportunities to help others become passionate about this curriculum. She is astounded at God’s grace and leading in this project and can’t wait to share this with us.


a year ago
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After having the secondary training for Encounter, this was a nice overview. Done well, but not as much fun as the actual live training. :)

2 years ago
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Great course. Clear explanation of the differences between Elementary Encounter and Secondary Encounter. Excellent interactive teaching strategies shown in the videos. Nina and Lanelle speak concisely so there is no guessing as to what they are meaning.... Read More

2 years ago
star star star star star

Lanelle Cobbin is such a wonderful and insightful speaker, I want to listen to her videos for inspiration every day! I thoroughly enjoyed all the information and great ideas provided via the Bridge to Elementary Course.

0.3 CEU
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