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0.3 CEU

Adventist Education Dashboard for Educators

Course Summary

The functionality and usage of the Adventist Education Dashboard will be explained through the lessons featured in this course. School administrators and data managers will learn the best practice for the use of the Dashboard, as well as the importance of and methodology for ensuring the data accuracy required to provide useful reporting. The AE Dashboard is a key component necessary in managing your school and educators in the Adventist Education world of information and reports. Learn to use the Dashboard to it's fullest potential!

What do I need to know?

You will need your AE Dashboard username and password.   You will earn 0.3 CEU's for the completion of this course.

What will I learn in this course?

You will learn the function of the following Dashboard apps:

  • User Manager
  • Student ID Manager
  • Secure File
  • eCertification
  • Demographics

Note: There is another course for Data Rollup

About the Instructor

Martha Aastrup Ban is a third-generation Adventist educator. Knowing that she wanted to be a teacher at an early age, she began her teaching “career” in 8th grade as a tutor for 1st grade students learning to read. She has taught all ages – from kindergarten through college—in Massachusetts (including several 1- and 2-room schools which resulted in a passion for helping our overworked/overwhelmed teachers in any way possible) and Maine. She particularly enjoyed integrating technology into her teaching. While she loved working with all ages, she enjoyed grades 5-8 the most. “It’s a great age group and has great content to teach,” she says. Martha also was editor and writer for the Atlantic Union Teacher Bulletin and has worked extensively for Griggs International Academy as curriculum specialist, webmaster, and instructor.

After some two dozen years teaching, Mrs. Ban transferred her passion from classroom teaching to working for the North American Division Office of Education where she is the Director of Technology and Support. The majority of her responsibilities are with the technology aspects of our education system. Bottom line - she loves helping in any way she can with technology for our NAD educators.


6 months ago
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This course provided an excellent overview of the Adventist Education Dashboard.

7 months ago
star star star star star

Good information for a teacher using the NAD education dashboard.

8 months ago
star star star star star

Great course. Covers all the basics.

0.3 CEU
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Self-paced course
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