Ins and Outs of Data Rollup and the NAD Education Toolkit (0.2 CEU)

Course Summary

This course will share the highlights of the Data Rollup initiative - as well as help you understand how the Dashboard serves to benefit all levels of our NAD Education system.

What do I need to know?

You need to know your Educator ID, your school’s Organizational ID (Org ID) and the email your conference and/or student information system(sis) has affiliated with your record.

What Will I Learn In This Course?

You will learn how to navigate the Dashboard, use the different apps available to your role jurisdiction and learn basic troubleshooting tips.


Martha Ban

Martha Aastrup Ban is the Director of Technology & Support for NAD Education. She is a third-generation educator. Knowing that she wanted to be a teacher at an early age, her teaching “career” began in 8th grade as a tutor for 1st grade students learning to read. A graduate of Atlantic Union College (BS in elementary education and Framingham State College (MS in Education with an emphasis in Reading and a CIT in Instructional Technology), she has taught all ages – from kindergarten through college—in Massachusetts (including several 1- and 2-room schools which resulted in a passion for helping our overworked/overwhelmed teachers in anyway possible) and Maine, particularly enjoying integrating technology into her teaching. Martha also worked extensively for Griggs International Academy as curriculum specialist, Webmaster, and instructor. She has a passion for helping our SDA educators and students in as many ways as is possible.

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