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2019 Integrating Technology in Service Learning

Course Summary

Registration is now open. This course starts June 17 and runs through August 4, 2019. The content will open up by June 13, 2019. Click on "Enroll for Free" to register for this course. 

Academic Credit through Andrews University: 
1 graduate academic credit is available through Andrews University for an additional $150, paid to Andrews University.  To receive academic credit, the form must be sent in by July 1, 2019

This is an advanced course in integrating technology into the curriculum specifically through service learning. Participants will assess their school’s available technology, their classroom’s current service learning opportunities, and their local community needs. Using available technology and appropriate content and faith integration, participants will develop a service learning project that can be implemented in their own classrooms and/or shared with other educators. Attention will be given to the North American Division’s Journey to Excellence, particularly goals 1, 2, and 10. This course also addresses the International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Educators. 

This ALC course is offered in the style and rigor of the Adventist Virtual Learning Network (AVLN) courses, with two discussion forums weekly, one for readings and one for application projects, and a final project.

What do I need to know?

This course is based on a participatory model where each individual is required to actively engage in conversation and the development of knowledge, skills, and beliefs. Participants can expect to interact with the concepts of the class, the instructor, the other participants, and prior experiences. Christian perspectives are integrated throughout the course. Any course participants with special learning needs should contact the instructor.


This course requires familiarity and fluency with Internet use and a willingness to explore and experiment with new approaches to teaching and with new technology. Basic technology skills, in particular word processing, email, and simple image manipulation are assumed. 

Technical Requirements

A broadband Internet connection will be necessary to handle the frequent use of audio and video resources. 

The use of a computer microphone is highly recommended.

What will I learn in this course?

Participants will:

  • Assess local technology availability.
  • Form a philosophical basis for incorporation of service learning into the curriculum.
  • Investigate current service learning projects and ideas.
  • Discuss ways to integrate technology through service and the content areas.
  • Create a service learning project utilizing available technology, integrating content, and involving the community.
  • Discover possible funding sources.
  • Assess project for content standards, student technology standards, and Journey to Excellence goals.

About the Instructor

Shelley has worn many hats in education, including working with AVLN to design and instruct classes for continuing education, teaching for AE21 (a distance learning program based out of Florida/no longer in operation), and most recently working for Upper Columbia Academy in several roles: VP for Admissions and Marketing, communications director, alumni director, and teacher. She now works from her home as the half-time alumni director and assistant to the recruiter at UCA. Shelley and her husband Barry have been married for nearly 40 years (in August) and have four children and six grandchildren. Service is their joint passion and takes them to Africa as well as to their local community to bless others' lives.


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