Pastors & Chaplains

Pastors and Chaplains serve in highly unique settings with very different populations. The work of ministry is complex to say the least.

For Pastors and Chaplains the Adventist Learning Community will help foster excellence in ministry. Pastors & Chaplains will be able to search for courses that will strengthen their professional Core Competencies, and continue to unleash and develop professional talents for Christ. Pastors will be encouraged to self-report continuing education activities and take charge of their lifelong learning. The ministry resource library is 100% uniquely Seventh-day Adventist, and focused on one goal; leading others to Christ. Resources will support pastoral professional growth, provide quality content for leading in ministry, and help pastors empower their church members.


Promoting Seventh-day Adventist values and bringing young people to Christ is what Adventist Education’s “Journey to Excellence” is all about.

The Adventist Learning Community aims to strengthen and enhance these core goals. With the Adventist Learning Community teachers will find 100% Adventist resources to use in their classrooms, take short professional development courses aimed at developing the skills that teachers across the North American Division request, and share customizable courses and emails to students that might be struggling. Teachers will also find links to trusted public online education resources and share their specialized knowledge and expertise to the greater community through collaborative resource development.

Administrators & Staff

Directing a church with over a million members in the North American Division alone is no small challenge.

With such a diverse membership and rapidly changing culture, our Church’s administrators and staff must constantly adapt to further the Kingdom in the 21st century. The Adventist Learning Community aims to provide administrators and staff with information, resources, and training from our Church’s foremost leaders and thinkers. Our ePortfolio will also enable administrators and staff to keep track of their own professional development and help build the skills and abilities required of leadership.

Members & Seekers

People need knowledge about Christ and how to serve Him, and we’re all called to serve in many different ways.

Members and seekers will be able to watch videos and view resources on topics and issues they choose and that build their faith and ability to serve others. The Adventist Learning Community offers an ever-growing catalogue of courses for Church members to become leaders in their local churches, schools, and communities. Find certification courses in Philanthropy, Family Ministries, Single Adult Ministries, Men’s Ministries, and others.